The project "Future Starts Today"

The project ‘Future Starts Today’ was a mobility project targeted on providing students aged 13-16 the information about the importance of profession choice and career in life. The aim of cooperation was to give students from three European counties an opportunity to work together and understand what they can do to make the right career choice. 

During the project activities 21 students and 3 teachers from each country traveled to another country, three international meetings in Riga, Siauliai and Kauniainen were organised. The students were offered to take part in workshops on career education, visit universities and communicate with students and professors, meet the representatives of a variety of professions, including doctors, recycling company workers, politicians.

The background goal of the project was to motivate students to choose the jobs which will be important in the future rather than the ones popular today. During project activities the teachers shared experiences about the career education in each participating country, produced the workshops together.

During each visit the students worked in multicultural groups on one of the topics of the project:

  1. Jobs related to History and Politics – meeting in Latvia,
  2. Jobs related to Medical Care – meeting in Lithuania,
  3. Jobs related to Technology and Education - meeting in Finland.

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