Meeting in Lithuania

In February 24th-28th 2014 an international meeting in Juventos progimnazija (Siauliai, Lithuania) was organised. The activities during the meeting were focused on learning about jobs related to Medical Care. The themes the students discussed and created presentations on were ‘Personal Mission in Life or Money?’, ‘What Makes You a Professional?’.

Attending lessons at Juventos progimnazija, meeting students and teachers. Taking part in English lessons which will be focussed on Future Career education. Meeting the school graduates who have become successful doctors and work in the system of healthcare. The young professionals told project participants about their life and career, the advantages and disadvantages of working in medical care system in Lithuania.

Five project days, full of interesting events, having direct reference to the name of the project, passed extremely quickly, but left a lot of brightest impressions. Well-known professions of a librarian, a hairdresser or a nurse were presented not theoretically, but practically, giving a chance to all of the students to try themselves in one or another profession on practice.

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