Meeting in Finland

In April 24th-28th 2014 the international meeting in Kasavuori School, Kauniainen (Finland) was organised. During this meeting the themes to be addressed were the jobs related to Social Care and Education. The guided excursion in Kauniainen and a visit to famous company Fazer was conducted by teachers and students.

The project participants met the professor who works at Adult Education Centre who told about his duties and the main guidlines of Finnish Educational system which is considered to be one of the best in the world. The lecturer from the University gave us a lecture to show students the importance of career in life and told them what difficulties adults face when they need to acquire new skills and get new qualifications.

Working in groups students created not-exsisting professons which could be actual in the future. Students admired the opportunity to use free WiFi while working on the project activities and doing the tasks with the help of the mobile programme Barcode scanner.

The farewell party was wonderful, every participant was actively involved in creating their own pizza of Friendship. The last step was filling in the online questionnaire about the project, interactive games for students and teachers.

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