Project Participants feedback


 Arina Bondareva, Latvia
-This project gave me a lot of, we learned a lot, saw different countries and got introduced with their culture, met new friends, tried out various activities, and the most important, now we understand that what the most important in life is - to know the languages. This practice proved that it is very important to start thinking about the future and about choice of the profession. I would like to participate in such projecs in the future, I am very glad that we had the opportunity to participate in this wonderful event ... Thanks to the organizators of Nordplus project!!!!!

Patricija  Mendelytė, Lithuania
 - I think the project was very good. I liked the places we went to, I found out new things and the other students were really nice. Thank you for everything!

Ieva Kulikauskaitė, Lithuania
 - I really like this project. I will never forget the days spent with project's people. I saw the other countries people and places, learned many things, improved my English skills and I had a really good time!

Valdonė Šniukaitė, Finland
  - The project was really interesting and had a lot of educational activities. I really liked activities with technologies in Finland. Everyone was very friendly and all of us made a lot of new friends.

Lijana Giedraitienė , Lithuania
 - Thanks to coordinators, to partners for the good organisation, interesting, useful Project activities, friendship and new skills which  got from the Project. We became more intelligent after this year.